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Noah came home on October 10th. Since then, we have adjusted to getting less sleep. We have more stuff. Noah has grown. When he came home, he had to be on oxygen and we visited the doctor once a week for the first few weeks after he came home. He has now been off oxygen for 3 weeks. I literally jumped for joy when the doctor's office called and said that we could take him off of it. The first picture was a break from the oxygen during a bath. You can still see the stickers that would hold it in place. The second shows how Noah felt about it: he pulled it out more times than I could count. The last picture is the most recent with Noah at 3 months old. Tube free! The doctor still has him on an apnea monitor to make sure that he doesn't have any problems breathing without oxygen. No problems so far. Hopefully he will get it off at his 4 month check up in January.
Jason is bracing for his finals and studying hard. I am sure that he will do well.
I am busy working at the storage place still. It is definitely more difficult with Noah home. It never fails that a customer comes in the middle of him eating. We are trying to make it work. We'll see if we still want to do it after the school year ends.
You may notice the gap between this post and the last. It seems that every time I turn the computer on Noah decides that it is time to eat or time to be held or just cries for attention. He is starting to get into a more regular schedule so hopefully that will help! Hope that everyone has a good December and if I don't write again before Merry Christmas!

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They have begun to measure how much Noah is actually getting from me. It is good because that means that it is measurable now. It is interesting because they weigh him before he eats and then they weigh him after he is done. Eating tires him out so much that sometimes he takes a break in the middle and then they weigh him at that time too. Today he ate 23 grams. It fluctuates up and down. Last night he had 32 grams. I just hope that he doesn't go back down to 0 or 1. He is continuing to gain weight. He is now weighing about 5 lbs and 11 oz. We have a bunch of pictures on our phones. It seems like Jason takes one every time that he holds him, which is once a day. We'll try to take some with a normal camera so that they post better on here. I am excited because he may actually fit into an outfit that we were given. Although we were advised by nurses not to bring too much to the hospital so that it doesn't get lost in their laundry, I may put it on for just a little while. Grandma will love it. :)
For the game today, GO COUGARS!!!

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We are settling into the routine of having a baby in the nicu. Jason has just started law school so his days are busy studying and going to class while I am working again. The one downside to my job is I just have to stay home. But I have worked a system to go to the hospital at the sevens: 7 am and 7 pm. They have me working with Noah to learn how to breastfeed. It is good for him to have a good break in between. Now he is taking a very little milk in. They have just started weighing him before and after to see how much he takes in. It is barely measurable. He still gets most of what he needs through a tube because sucking for him is like running several miles. It just wears him out so much. He usually falls asleep after just a short while. So much so that he's oxygen level drops after trying to eat. He is still on oxygen because of that.
But he is doing so good in other things. He doesn't need a ventilator. He no longer has to have an i.v. He is maintaining his temperature without a incubator. He is trying to eat with help and he is gaining weight regularly. I can already see that his hands and feet look a little bigger. I can't believe that he will be 3 weeks old tomorrow!

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So our little guy decided that he couldn't wait any longer to join us here on earth. Noah James Wilson was born August 26th. He weighed 4 pounds exactly and was 17 inches long.
Since he was so early, he is spending some time in the NICU. He probably will be there for a while. They have told us that he will likely stay there until close to his due date which is October 22nd. He is off iv. (yeah!) He still has a feeding tube which he will have for a while and is on oxygen. Hopefully he will be off that in a few days. I am doing good. It is like night and day from the week before he came. I was there for five days trying to keep him from coming too soon. It did help him with his lungs. We are excited that he is here and trying to be patient for him to come home. The hospital seems to be linked to our small family. But we are truly blessed. And know that he will be just fine.

2 comments Monday, June 22, 2009

Jason and I are excited to be expecting a baby boy. He is due on October 22nd. It is amazing to see the ultra sound pictures and to fell him move!

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I have finally finished my undergrad work and graduated this past weekend. It was a great weekend for us. My dad flew out with two of my siblings Eric and Meaghan. We had a great weekend celebrating my graduation and spending time with family. I was finally able to accomplished one of his goals I set when I first started to attend BYU. I climbed to the Y with Eric and Meaghan. Thanks to everyone who was able to celebrate this special weekend with us.


After a pretty crazy application cycle I have decided to attend BYU Law school this fall. It was a tough choice that came down to Illinois, Washington U in St. Louis and BYU. In the end it made the most sense to stay at BYU. I feel really blessed to have been accepted to so many great law schools. Who would have thought a year ago when I decided to go to law school that I would have had so many wonderful options to choose from. I had the opportunity to visit Washington U. and of course BYU and I was really impressed by the difference in atmosphere at the two schools. One school offered happy hour while the other school offered a fireside with a General Authority.